Hello World.

Well, this blog was defunct for a very long time. The details of why are unimportant. I was going through a lot of troubles and changes, and I’ve come out the other side feeling pretty great. I’ve kept the patterns here for all to enjoy, and will continue to do so.

So, who am I? What’s new? And am I still making things out of string?

My name is Allie.

I’m almost thirty. I’ve lived in Ottawa, ON my entire life. I have very long hair.

I knit and crochet, which is how this blog domain got its name.

I have a border collie named Finnegan. He’s my heart and soul, my co-pilot. Plus he keeps my bed warm. Useful dog.

I also have three ferrets. L to R: Freya, Barrett, Porom.

I’m also currently raising some tadpole shrimp for fun and science.

We all live together in a cute little bungalow all to ourselves. I also work here at home, doing pet portraits, custom paper products and graphic design consulting.


There’s also my fella. He’s kind of awesome.

I also adore being outside. Hiking, biking, walking and running. I look forward to starting to snowshoe this winter.



But yeah. Lots of fibre. Knitting, crochet.

This blog will be about all of that, and more. I do a lot, I learn a lot, and I love to write. And so, I hope this blog will be full of grand things. Please follow along if you enjoy what you read.