Socks, Beer, and Summer.

We’re back!

It’s been a very busy, busy summer. Which started off with a sad loss.


My little ferret girl, Porom, was taken from me suddenly. She fell ill to what I believe was a stroke, and despite careful nursing, died of internal bleeding while under the care of my petsitter (who did everything she could as well). She was six, which is not young for a ferret. But she was my first. I was, and still am, devastated. We also lost Freya earlier in the year to an unknown, sudden cause (guessing heart attack) so we only have little Barrett left in ferretland. He’s healthy and happy, though, and for that I am thankful.

The rest of the pets are doing great. We moved in with Marshall in May, and he has two cats. My dog, Finnegan, is not sure how to handle cats who not only do not want to play, but hiss at him if he does anything out of the ordinary. It doesn’t help that hissing cats somehow make Finn’s brain go into threshold overdrive which makes him bark and want to chase them. Sigh. So they are currently separated most of the time, with careful on-leash training sessions for all three of them. It’s going well, but with our lives being busy, progress is slow. I hope we can integrate them fully.

The dog’s still pretty¬†happy, though.

And my new feline roomies are pretty awesome. This is Stan. He’s older, and slightly more nervous/fearful. He hates the dog with a passion. But he’s a great snuggler. Snuggling is his favourite thing in the entire world. Second only to tuna.


Then there’s Fiora. She’s young, energetic, and just plain weird. She wags her tail when she’s happy, plays fetch, plows headlong into dining chairs and has eyes like the moon. She actually kinda likes the dog, as long as he acts calm and does nothing weird.


A lot of the first few weeks of summer involved unpacking and sorting All The Things. We managed some fun weekends away, though! Hanging out at our friend Justin’s cottage in Quebec…


…and spending¬†the weekend at Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal in August. So much music absorbed in one weekend!


There was a lot of cooking and baking. I started making bento box lunches for my workdays. Fun, tasty and healthy. I hope to keep it up, including getting a new fancy bento box this fall.

IMAG1343 IMAG1352

Marshall and I took a class in baking taro pastries, and our first batch was pretty delish. We even flavoured the pastry with matcha.


I tried making gazpacho for the first time, and it was an excellent summer soup.


And finally, two cherry pies! The first one had a bit of a failed dough, which left me frustrated; so the second one, I redeemed myself. Yummm.


Knitting is happening, too, of course. First sock is done in the current sock project, and second sock is on the go. Yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in the old Jailhouse Rock colourway. Pattern is Simple Ribbed Sock.


And our newest hobby is about to fire up, which I’m sure I will be blogging about pretty often… we’re taking the leap into brewing our own beer at home! We started with some fine literature…


…and the first half of our equipment shipped yesterday. We were relieved to find out that our brew pot did indeed fit on our stove. We also installed our spigot and thermometer, because excited!


The shipment of our other half of equipment should be coming today. I await with bated breath. Stay tuned!

Hello World.

Well, this blog was defunct for a very long time. The details of why are unimportant. I was going through a lot of troubles and changes, and I’ve come out the other side feeling pretty great. I’ve kept the patterns here for all to enjoy, and will continue to do so.

So, who am I? What’s new? And am I still making things out of string?

My name is Allie.

I’m almost thirty. I’ve lived in Ottawa, ON my entire life. I have very long hair.

I knit and crochet, which is how this blog domain got its name.

I have a border collie named Finnegan. He’s my heart and soul, my co-pilot. Plus he keeps my bed warm. Useful dog.

I also have three ferrets. L to R: Freya, Barrett, Porom.

I’m also currently raising some tadpole shrimp for fun and science.

We all live together in a cute little bungalow all to ourselves. I also work here at home, doing pet portraits, custom paper products and graphic design consulting.


There’s also my fella. He’s kind of awesome.

I also adore being outside. Hiking, biking, walking and running. I look forward to starting to snowshoe this winter.



But yeah. Lots of fibre. Knitting, crochet.

This blog will be about all of that, and more. I do a lot, I learn a lot, and I love to write. And so, I hope this blog will be full of grand things. Please follow along if you enjoy what you read.