Adventures in Germany: Dresden & Leipzig

We’re back, after too long a break, to tell you all about the second and third stops on our monthlong Germany trip. First: Dresden! First I must address our hotel room in the Ibis Dresden, which reminded me of Japan. Dresden was absolutely lovely. Some may not know that Dresden was entirely levelled in WWII – including their centuries-old architecture…. Read more »

Comic Talk.

Allie   May 8, 2015   No Comments on Comic Talk.

Waaaay back in my days where all I did was go to school, draw, and attend fandom conventions, I drew a lot of silly comics. I drew them with my high school chums on printer paper holded in half, usually inked with thin Sharpies and passed around the group. I thought they were so awesome. They were pretty bad. I… Read more »

Buttons, Balms, and Books: March and April.

Well, hello blog. I know you’ve been waiting for me. I’ve been busy, but I haven’t forgotten you. What have I been up to? Some of the usual, some of the not. We’re all pretty happy for the warmer weather around here. As per usual, I’ve been busy making cool things for cool people. I recently got a button maker,… Read more »

Algonquin Park Highlands Trail – Backcountry 2014

As my previous post stated, our most recent adventure took us to the Algonquin Park Highlands backpacking trail for Labor Day weekend. Now, as mentioned before, I’m a girl on the bigger side. I am also currently in the process of getting healthy the logical way – positive eating choices and lots of varied exercise. This trail was to be more… Read more »