Ferret Sweater

Ferret Sweater

Decicated to Palom (September 2008 – February 2010), my little ferretbear, the inspiration for the sweater and the main model in these photos, my very first ferret, who recently passed away. RIP little man, many ferrets will be cozy and look adorable thanks to you. 

I adore my ferrets. I am also a knitter. This led to my creating a little sock-like tube with armholes for my little ones. (Click images to enlarge.)


If your ferret is used to a harness, it will probably wear this sweater comfortably for short periods of time without a problem. Be sure not to leave it on when they’re unsupervised; ferrets are slippery, and a caught sweater could be dangerous!

snowy5.jpg snowy7.jpgomgsnow4.jpg


Yarn: Any regular sock yarn. I used Regia Canadian Colour for the blue striped sweater, and Noro Kureyon Sock for the blue and green gradiated sweater.

Needles: 3.25mm DPNs

Gauge: About 30 sts to 4in(10cm) in st st. Exact gauge is unimportant, as sock yarn is made to be stretchy.


CO 48 sts.

Join, being careful not to twist.

Work 2×2 rib in the round until piece measures anywhere between 3/4″ and 1.5″. Your choice.

Work approx. half an inch of st st in the round, or the stitch pattern you are choosing.

When starting a new round, knit the first 12 sts of the row (first needle) and then transfer these stitches to a stitch holder. these are the “belly” stitches, and you will return to them after shaping the back and armholes.

Continue knitting back and forth, flat, on the remaining needles.

After one row each of knit and purl, dec 1 at the beginning and end of the k row. P across. Repeat 2 more times (30 sts). Work 2 rows. On next k row, m1 at the beginning and end of the row. P across. Repeat 2 more times (36 sts).

Cut yarn, leaving a several-inch tail for weaving in later. Begin knitting sts off of the stitch holder, back onto one needle.

Work st st back and forth on the belly piece, or your selected pattern if you wish, until you have worked 14 rows. Join belly piece with the rest of the sweater, joining it as you knit across the row. You are now working in the round again, until the sweater is complete.

Continue in pattern for approx. half an inch. Switch to 2×2 rib and work until piece measures approx. 4″ from beginning, or until you are pleased with it.

CO in pattern. Weave in all ends.

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  4. Melodie Jawahir

    most excellent. I am also a ferret-lover. I had 5 about 10 years ago, they have all long since passed on. I am now proudly owned by two recently adopted ferrets. I am also a knitter/crocheter.

    comment for Brittany below:any length dpns that will comfortably hold the # of stitches you want on each needle will do. Or, (as I prefer) you can divide the total # of stitches in half onto two sets of circular needles.

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