Jayne Cobb Hat

Jayne Cobb Hat, customizable Knitting Ninja Edition
Jayne, original Jayne hat image, and Firefly copyright Joss Whedon
This pattern ┬ęcopyright Allison MacAlister
Not for commercial use.


DISCLAIMER: There are quite a few Jayne Cobb Hat patterns on the internet, most for public, non-commercial use. Several are ones for sale, and I am not intending to step on toes. This specific pattern is, to the best of my knowledge, original, and has my own personal tweaks thrown in, so if you like the way my specific Jayne hat looks, this is the pattern to make it. There are many other varieties of the hat and pattern tweaks available, a good chunk of which can be found with a simple Google search. But if you do choose mine, please don’t hesitate to email me with photos of your finished hats and/or comments & suggestions, they are most appreciated. Thanks!

Yarn: Alafoss Lopi in these colours: 0065 for the top, 9971 for the orange base and 9988 for the earflaps.
NOTE: Lopi is known by many to be scratchy and itchy, so if you would rather substitute a softer yarn, any bulky weight will do, and I’ve been told two worsted strands held together work well too. You’ll want a dulled golden yellow for the top, a medium orange for the base, and a pinkish-orange(a little darker than the other orange) for the earflaps.
As for amount, each skein of Lopi is about 100m (109yds). A skein of each will make two hats with only a small amount of yellow and orange left over, and enough pink-orange for a third set of earflaps. Perfect if a friend wants a cunning hat like yours.

Needles: 10.5″ (6.5mm) 16″ circular needles + a set of 10.5″ (6.5mm) DPNs
Gauge: Approx. 4 sts and 4 rows to the inch(if you’re off a stitch or two, it should be fine – Jayne hats are allowed to be oversized)
Size: Small head (Medium Head, Big Head) (for children, use lower-gauge yarn)

Body of Hat:
Using the regular orange, CO 56 (64,72) sts. Join, being careful not to twist, and place marker for beginning of round.

Work k1, p1 ribbing for three rows, or about an inch.

Still using orange, work in stockinette stitch for about 2 1/2 inches. At the end of a round, switch to yellow and knit for about 3 1/2 inches, or until it comes off the top of the head just a bit.

On the next row, switch to DPNs and k2tog over entire round. K2tog continuously over following rounds until you have approximately seven stitches left (this will vary by the number of CO stitches). Cut yarn and draw through remaining stitches. Pull yarn through to the inside of the hat to finish the top. Weave in the yarn end.

At base of the hat, count 5 (6,7) stitches rom your beginning of round marker and pm. Remove original beginning of round marker. Count 18 (20,22) stitches, pm. Count 10 (12,14) stitches, pm. Count 18 (20,22) stitches, pm.
You should have four markers.

Using pink-orange and either your circs or two of your DPNs, pick up and knit the 18 (20,22) stitches between the first and second marker. Work back and forth in stockinette stitch for approximately 3 1/2 inches, or until the earflap is to the tip of your nose with the hat on.

Next, on RS rows, k2tog once on each end of the row. On WS rows, p2tog once on each end of row. Do this until you have three stitches remaining. CO one stitch. On the second CO stitch, make an extra-long loop before casting off to form two of the three long strands. Finish casting off, cut yarn and draw through. Cut looped yarn to form two strands, and knot the three yarns loosely. Fray the three yarn ends a little for a more rustic look.

Repeat earflap instructions with other side of hat. Weave in all ends.

Pom pom:
There is a great tutorial on pom poms here that can explain it better than I can, with pictures and all! The cardboard circles I made for the Jayne pom pom are 4 inches in diameter, with only a half-inch centre hole. I used all three yarn colours equally in the pom pom.

Attach pom pom to hat by threading the two yarn strands into the hat, knotting loosely, and weaving in ends.

You now have a most cunning hat!

If you enjoyed this pattern, I happily accept donations!


  • Hi there, just wanted to say thanks for posting this. We’re having a Firefly party as part of our UU church fundraiser and my husband is going as Jayne.

  • Kacy says:

    I was wondering how soft the Lopi is? I found a site to buy it from but wanted a soft (non-itchy) yarn to make the hat with. Thanks! After looking over the net for weeks this is the best pattern with great instructions!

  • Ninja says:

    Lopi is… not very soft. :P it’s Icelandic, rustic wool. Possibly the warmest wool I have ever encountered, but not very soft. For a soft yarn that has good Jayne Hat colours, I had a lot of luck with Lion Brand!

  • Heather says:

    I am brand new to knitting and would love to make a Jayne hat. Where did you find 6.5 mm 16″ circular needles? The fattest needles I have found in 16″ are 3.5 mm. Also, does ‘DPN’ stand for straight needles? I love your pattern, by the way. This is by far the closest I have found to the original.

  • Heather says:

    Never mind! I found a place to order the needles online and I finally figured out DPN. Thanks :)

  • Renata says:

    Hi Feriba, Thanks so much for such helpful vdioes. I’m a beginnr knitter and I absolutely love trying out your stitches. I just completed a lovely scarf in the Fish Thorn pattern but I’m just wondering how I end this scarf off/cast off? Is it a regular cast off or do I end with the stitches I started my first row with? Thanks so much!

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